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Knowledge in Motion

Document Management Made Simple, Efficient & Secure

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Simple. Secure. Affordable.

Intellinetics puts knowledge in motion by converting hard copy and digital information into automatic digital workflows. Our IntelliCloud™ product allows organizations to manage their records efficiently and securely by housing their files digitally. This digital management solution gives organizations flexibility to manage their work – anytime, anywhere.

How We Help
Why Intellicloud

What does IntelliCloud™ do?

Think of all the ways information comes into an office: email, fax, phone and hard copies. Once that information arrives, it tends to be stored in a variety of places causing silos of unstructured data. These hard copies make it difficult for organizations to process, access and secure important materials.

With IntelliCloud™, powered by Intel®, you have an easy, turn-key document management system to help you manage all your documents easily and efficiently.

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Who uses IntelliCloud™?

Human Service Providers

Our IntelliCloud™ software helps organizations gain immediate access to consumer and employee records while remaining compliant and audit-ready.

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Education K-12

IntelliCloud™ allows school systems to keep greater control over their academic and professional records, eliminating paper storage and increasing overall efficiency.

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Public Safety

The IntelliCloud™ document management software enables local municipalities to operate more efficiently while maintaining accurate and secure information.

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AP / AR Departments

IntelliCloud™ helps to alleviate the inaccuracies of managing financial data by collaborating electronically without the hassles of unproductive paper processes.

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How our solution works


File your documents through a printer or scanner


Securely route your encrypted data to storage


Backup your documents in our secure, compliant system


Use one of our preconfigured solutions ready for instant start up

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Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Superior document management helps Franklin County’s Board of Developmental Disabilities spend more time providing exceptional support to those in need.

Learn how Intellinetics helped provide a document management solution for the rapidly changing needs of this organization.


Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota

When your mission is to provide high-quality healing, it is imperative to find solutions for your digital workflows.

Learn how Intellinetics implemented a better way for Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota to manage their critical documents.


Home Health Connection, Inc.

Can you improve patient care by simplifying the complexity of merging hard copy documents into digital workflows?

When significant information is needed daily, it was vital that Home Health Connection, Inc. have a records system more intuitive and more reliable than the traditional filing cabinet.